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Argo Leadership Team

Partnership defines us at Argo. We don't refer to our clients as customers, but as Partners - which is likely one of the reasons why we have never lost a Partner due to performance. The title of "Partner" is the same for our employees. Together, we envision success and embrace innovation, fostering a culture of collaboration and shared achievements. Here are a few of the Argo Partners who you may work with.

profile photo of richard winters

Richard Winters


profile photo of connor austin

Connor Austin


profile photo of dilee young

DiLee Young


profile photo of amy holdman

Amy Holdman


profile photo of chris helmantoler

Chris Helmantoler


profile photo of dan woodruff

Dan Woodruff


Who We Are

Cultivating the Outward Mindset

Argo Shipping is a technology company that has been attentively watching the market trends, researching systems, evaluating processes, and innovating solutions for our partners in the eCommerce industry. Our innovative value-added services and guarantees are solving problems that have unfortunately plagued our industry for decades. Argo's sophisticated systems will simply improve shipping and reduce waste. 

Our adherence to our core values of Unprecedented Accountability, Focused Action, and Continuous Improvement directs us to our most crucial priority – Partnership. This is not merely lip service in the Argo culture. All of us know, understand, and can recite our values because they are part of every aspect of our organization. Each of us is required to submit weekly recommendations for organizational improvement that support the core values and help improve our KPIs. We test ideas and implement changes that drive a positive impact. Innovation and intelligent risk-taking is encouraged and rewarded.

We are convinced that our obsessive focus on our partners’ experience and our complete unwillingness to cut corners has allowed us to accomplish all of our major initiatives this year. We have fundamentally redefined the expectations of partnerships – so much so that we no longer compete by lowering prices, but through the massive, indisputable value that we provide. Our software and analytics systems which include employee efficiency and cost-saving metrics are provided to our partners to help improve their business operations. We provide detailed tracking data and automatically pay our partners 100% of the cost for any lost, damaged, or delayed packages, including the cost of the product. We have built Exception Reports which allow us to proactively manage any problems that arise. We are proactive, not reactive. We play offense, not defense.

Argo is also deeply committed to providing life-changing experiences for our team, our partners, and to others who are in need. We exemplify an Outward Mindset by Looking Up, Looking Out and Looking After. We look first to God who we trust to drive our success. Then, we look outward to our partners, employees and all those around us. We do not try to compete, but rather to collaborate with everyone we can. We have recruited the best team in our industry, and all hold each other accountable and push each other to be better every day. We validate and empower creative thinking, and all are encouraged to leverage natural talents and abilities. We insist on taking amazing care of our people so they will take care of everything else. Argo is uncompromisingly committed to maintaining strong profit margins because in doing so, we are also committed to Looking After. Argo does all that we can as a company and as individuals to take care of those in need. Bonuses are typically only paid to help contribute to our employees “Personal Why”, and Argo does not question any employee’s motivations or desires. However, if travel, bonuses or other financial incentives are shown also to help those in need anywhere in the world, Argo’s contributions are greatly increased.  


Commitment to Others

Unified Languages

By partnering with like-minded organizations such as Unified Languages Foundation, we have created educational academies in the poverty pockets of the Middle-East. We leverage relationships with local organizations to find people who need these life-changing services, then we offer them the self-reliance stills to by investing in the futures. The underprivileged and oppressed now become, educated and equipped with skills that will open doors for lucrative work. Your partnership will help us build a sustainable, scalable model without major additional investment.



Empower women and children to obtain productive skills and guide them through a career path where they can support their families with sustainable income.



Extend their abilities so they can speak an international language of business and secure profitable employment in a global economy.



Uplift, inspire, build the self-esteem and dignity of these amazing women, by providing a low-cost English language program.



With the combination of these skills, education, and confidence they will become empowered to become self-reliant, elevate themselves to a state of hope, and ultimately help many generations to come.

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