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Delivery Day Guaranteed 

We take customer satisfaction to the next level by offering a unique guarantee: on-time delivery, or we pay the shipping!


We understand the importance of reliable and timely deliveries, and we stand behind our promise to ensure your orders arrive within the specified timeframe. In the rare event of any delivery delays, we take full responsibility and cover the shipping cost ourselves.

Your brand is too valuable to risk tainting it with a poor shipping experience. Let us handle shipping while you run your business. 


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Measuring Delivery Time

In line with industry standards, we start our guarantee clock on the business day after we pick up your packages. This is because it is the only constant that we can stand behind. This is necessary given that carriers often break for holidays, weekends, etc. A business day is defined as Monday – Friday, excluding all Federal holidays and July 24th in the state of Utah. Our guarantee clock stops on the date of the first official delivery attempt, which will be explained below.

The Clock Starts

The shipping time clock will start depending on the time and day of the pick-up. Here a a few examples of when the delivery clock starts.


  • We pickup a package on Monday at 4:00 PM, our delivery guarantee clock starts on Tuesday.

  • We pickup a package on Friday at 4:00 PM, our delivery guarantee clock starts on Monday though we will still track exact delivery time for your convenience

  • We pickup a package on December 31st, our delivery clock will start on the 2nd of January (skipping January 1st holiday) or, if the 2nd of January is a weekend, the clock will start on the following Monday

The Clock Stops

We stop our delivery guarantee clock when our carrier makes their first attempt at a delivery. We cannot be responsible if the customer forgets to put in a gate code, mislabels their address, has moved, or there are other legitimate issues causing delays that were out of the carriers control.



  • Postal carrier attempts to deliver a package and finds out there is a locked gate for which they were not given a code

  • Postal carrier attempts to deliver a package and finds out the intended recipient has died


It is rare, but there are unforeseeable events that happen when we cannot guarantee the delivery time. A list of exception event codes is provided to all our partners.


Examples of some of these exceptions may include: 

  • Ice storm in Texas causes significant delays

  • Planes are grounded due to weather or security issue

  • Fires in Chicago cause delays

  • Hurricanes or tornados destroy a community 


We are also unable to guarantee a package delivery time if the data provided by you to the carrier is insufficient, incorrect, or otherwise causes a delay due to your input. We will work to correct this with you if it is an ongoing issue.


Examples may include: 

  • Customer puts in a bad address

  • Shipper submits incorrect dimensions that causing a check delay

  • Shipper submits a manifest but accidently does not actually send packages on the manifest.

  • Shipper does not submit a proper manifest

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