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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dim weight? Dimensional weight in shipping is a pricing method used by carriers to calculate shipping costs based on a package's size, not just its actual weight. It considers the package's dimensions and uses a formula to convert the cubic size into weight units for pricing purposes. This method ensures that large, lightweight packages are appropriately priced to account for the space they occupy during transportation.

How do I calculate dim weight? The dimensional weight formula is: Dimensional Weight (DIM weight) = (Length x Width x Height) / DIM Factor The DIM factor is a constant value used by carriers to convert the package's cubic size into weight units for pricing purposes. The DIM factor may vary among carriers and is typically set by the shipping company. The resulting dimensional weight is used alongside the actual weight to determine the shipping cost, and the higher of the two values is usually applied. Reach out to an Argo team member and they will send you a handy dim weight calculator tool.

How do I submit a claim? You can submit a claim through your Partner Portal on the "claims" tab.

How do I access my Partner Portal? In the onboarding process, you will be given access to your Partner Portal. If you need further support, please reach out to for support.

When is peak season? Typically, peak season begins on Thanksgiving Day and ends on New Years Day.

How do I track a package? To track a package, visit your Partner Portal and click on the tracking number for your order and a tracking link will open. For more support reach out to

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